The Staff

Bob Hathaway


Bob became a certified diver in 1994 and earned his PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor rating in 1999. In August of 2001 Bob opened Odyssey Scuba and the rest is history. 

Cheryl Keeton


Cheryl received her open water scuba certification in 1998 while living in Turkey. In 2000 she met Bob and has been with Odyssey ever since. Cheryl received her PADI divemaster cert in 2003 and became an Instructor in 2004. The joy of diving and the passion to teach others is why she chose the professional route.  

Jim Pearce


While stationed overseas with the U.S. Army, Jim was certified as an open water diver. Jim moved back to Missouri in the early 2000's and started diving with Bob and Odyssey Scuba. It was then when he realized he wanted to become a Dive Master and has been a great asset ever since. 

David Burnau


David learned to dive while vacationing in Jamaica in 2005. Taking his love of Scuba and his love of teaching is why he decided to become a PADI dive professional in 2010 and an instructor in 2018

Dave Friede


Dave received his open water scuba certification in 2005 in Jamaica. He wanted to encourage and teach people to dive so he became a divemaster in 2011 and obtained his instructor rating in 2013. 

Danny Graham


Danny originally learned to dive over 30 years ago and in 2003 came to Odyssey for a refresher course. He has been diving with us ever since and loves to teach when he can.



Sir Walter Raleigh

Meet Sir Walter Raleigh or better known as Raleigh. He comes to Odyssey Scuba most days and to be quite honest, he is the reason we get so many visitors. He truly believes that Odyssey exists only for his entertainment. Stop in any time and he will gladly give doggy kisses and let you play fetch with him. He is a source of constant joy!!!